Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Festival - The Holi

Winter has gone spring is playing.
Be happy be merry, nature is saying.
Earth has worn new green clothes,
Full a many flowers all the branches.
Trees have gotten newly leaves,
Cuckoo is singing without grieves.
Heart of all from children to olds,
Men or women have become bold,
Joking each other have no hesitation,
This is the years' the best session.
All around the happiness is blowing,
In everyone a loving nature is glowing.
The Holi is near and people are jolly,
Preparing themselves without folly.
Grains are waving there heads in the joy,
Today is happy each girl and boy.
Young or old all are playing colours,
Giving each one respect to other.
Serving each others lovely sweets,
Meeting with hearts making jokes and tweets,
Burning all their evils in the fire of Holi,
Say each other happy 'A Happy Holi'

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Had our forefathers ever thought,
When they were hanging on branches.
A monkey can be change in a man.
They had neither light nor road,
They could not go far and abroad,
They had love for each other and this world.
They had no money to buy good things,
They had not flown with the ambitious wings,
They were kind for each other and this world.
They didn’t know so many languages,
Had not means to communicate,
Condemnations and praises.
They know well to be happy and make this world.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Have to be

Can you feel what happenes when a bud changes in a flower.
What a joy rain as a shower.
It opens its petals in so innocent way,
As a drunken girl waves in her way.
As an eye full of drowsiness,
You can not close it with stress.
Come, kiss and praise its beauty,
Saving its charm is your duty.
Nature is yours and you have to be.
©Vimal Kumar Shukla'Vimal'

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Can we digest?


Can we digest?

We eat daily, something or the other.

Hard or delicate, small or bigger.

It can be delicious or not.

It can be cold or hot.

We like it or dislike.

But we have to feed to make us alive.

Everything we eat, we digest.

But are there men?

Who can digest money,

Who can digest power,

Who can digest praise,

Who can digest the proud of beauty.

We can count on fingers, the men with such digestive stomach.

If we digest all these we will never fall ill.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Gender sensitivity in classrooms

Gender sensitivity is not a big problem till the boys and girls reach the age of 11. But after that it depends upon the atmosphere from which they come to school or which is produced in the class. This is natural that from the age of 12-14 children start to have a keen understand of differences between male and female. At this label if they are not guided well they become a problem for society in respect of health, power and morality. So teachers should be much careful and open minded about it. In India people often hide the sexual facts from the children. They don't try to understand there problems so children too don't talk anything to them. Then they rely for there knowledge upon their friends who also unaware of the reality as they. So the sex education should not be seen with suspect.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don't tease

Now a days I suppose there are many groups are active in social media, whose only purpose is to condemn each others' religions. So called hindus are Muslims do not know they really annoying the God, manager of this world. If they had really understood that God is everyone's Father they wouldn't abused one another's religion and they would have shown respect for one another's sentiments. When we are busy in making our brothers' heads down we are making our own heads down. This is matter of shame. Which our forefathers had done that has gone with them. They're not now alive and with us to justify themselves. For their mistakes if they had done in the past we should not quarrel. This is the murder of humanity and not proof of a cultured society. We should love each other for betterment of the world.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Don't be hopeless

None is forever wise,

None is forever fool,

Nothing is always hot,

Nothing is always cool.

Wise or fool hot or cool,

All is due to one's fate.

All depends on God's mercy,

So love each one never hate.

Everything is creation of God,

Good or bad tiny or great.

This is poison , this is nectar,

Only time decides, see and wait.

Don't be hopeless, Don't be sad,

World is full of beauty full of joy.