Sunday, February 26, 2012

One Mind, Hundred-Mind and Thousand-Mind

There w
There was a pond in a jungle. There lived many water living creatures like fishes, frogs and cancers etc. Among them one frog and two fishes were close friends. The frog’s name was One-mind (Ekbuddhi), one fish’s name was Hundred- mind (Shatbuddhi) and the others name was Thousand-mind (Sahasrabuddhi). They all lived there happily, but one there came some fishermen. They were talking that there are many fishes in that pond and they would come next day to catch all of them. The frog overheard this and told that there is a danger in living in this pond.
He told fishes that fishermen would come and catch all of them so they should leave that pond at once. Fishes laughed at him and said, “You are One-mind and like your name you have qualities too. You are unnecessarily worrying about the danger which is only based on hearing. We are Hundred-mind and Thousand-mind so we would not leave the pond. When danger comes we will use our minds to escape from the danger.”
The next day fishermen came and caught many of the fishes in their nets. They caught Hundred-mind and Thousand-mind too. But they could not catch the One-mind frog because he had gone already from that pond. The frog saw the Hundred-mind was on the shoulder of one fisherman and the Thousand-mind was in net. He told his wife, “Hundred-mind is on the shoulder to be feed and Thousand-mind is in net. But I am One-mind no fisherman could catch me in net.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Leaders

A Leader

They are dirty fishes of the pond,
Trying to eat their young ones,
No ethics, no morals and no rules,
False promises are only their tools.