Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Unemployment Allowance in Uttar Pradesh

  1. Samajwadi Party has been sworn in U.P. and as he had promised earlier it declared to give unemployment allowance to unemployed. Many a people rush to be registered in unemployment offices. First time there were large queues of youth but when Akhilesh Yadav’s ministry declared that allowance will be given to them who are over 35 years and passed High School (10th). There is a large crowd of old age people outside of unemployment offices.
  • My questions are following:-
1.        Why unemployment allowance should be given?
2.        What are merits and demerits of this policy?
3.        Who is able to get it?
4.        What is right solution?
  • Justification of Unemployment Allowance:-
  • Now a day it is thought that a public well-wishing government has a responsibility to give a minimum living standard. So, it is government’s responsibility to give them employment. But Akhilesh Yadav has decided to unemployment allowance in the place of employment. I think it is quite wrong policy because of its demerits.
  • Demerits of this policy:-
  • A story of told about Nawab Asafuddaula of Lucknow. Once people faced there drought in his reign. People were about to die in lack of food and water. Asafuddaula decided to help the people. He ordered to them take the all sand out of the river Gomti. People did this and Asafuddaula paid. At last all the sand was taken out of the river his ministers said that there was no work for people then Asafuddaula said them to throw the sand again into the river which was earlier taken out. He does it for 3 or 4 times. People were happy and a proverb had been said, “ Jisko na de maula, Usko de Asafuddaula.” Meaning of the above is whom God may not help Asafuddaula may.
  • Some ministers felt this foolish the money which was given to people it could be given then without taking that work by the people because the whole work was zero. Gomti was same as it was earlier though much work had been done. They said it to Asafuddaula. Asafuddaula answered them if we had paid people without taking work people would be lazy and free steering.
  • I can see it in Central Government’s Yojna  ‘Manrega’. People who got much payment by Grampanchayat are unwilling to work as a labourer in agriculture fields or in the work of construction. It is most of Indians hobby if they have sufficient money they do not want to work till they feel lack of money. Some people who goes to work for a common man they do not work with pleasure or interest because in Manrega they worked lazily or did not worked but they were paid in some areas. Grampanchayats has shown false attendance of labourers and paid them for it partially. Why someone would be willing to work who is being paid without work and so this is in unemployment allowance also. In a long term this policy will make people lazy, dishonest and unwilling to work.
  • Dishonesty can be seen just at this stage of registration. I have seen that many of them who are standing out of unemployment offices are not unemployed though it can be they are not in government job. A shopkeeper, a farmer and a worker in a private firm who can earn their livings honorably is not unemployment but he is in queue to be registered. I also can stand out of these offices though I earn near about 10000 Rs. /Month. I think if I stand there this will be dishonesty.
  • Merits of this policy:-
  • This policy has one merit that it would help who are really unemployed because of not having sufficient land or property or education. So it is necessary to recognize real unemployed.
  • Second this policy seems to show that government really wants to help its people.
  • Third this policy will arouse the necessity of solid planning for employment for increasing.
  • Solution:-
  • There should be no unemployment allowance. There should be work for every hand. We should emphasize on human resources management. Economic policy and programs should be made for human power using. There should be a survey of unemployment in all U.P. for recognizing real poor. Government should to remove those causes which are responsible for making them poor. We should not make India a country of beggars. There should not be queues of people for begging.