Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Is she a doctor?

Today MP Dhananjay Singh's wife and he himself have been arrested because his wife Jagriti Singh has beaten and killed her housemaid and MP has tried to destroy the proof. In this case only thing wrings heart is that Jagriti Singh is a doctor. A doctor is said life-giver and second God in our country then why she had become so merciless than some servant said that she often used to behave with servants like this. How shameful is it for this lady doctor she should be kind hearted. It is thought that women have a heart filled with pity, kindness, love and sympathy. They are called goddess. But because of this type of women our head becomes down. How shameful she is! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Feel well

Through the window from my bed,
I see a tree moving his head,
Is he happy? Does he dance?
Has he feeling of some romance?
There are birds in their nests,
Feeding children without rests,
Are they happy? Do they know?
One day, they have to go?
I see a rabbit chewing the grass,
Waving ears white as glass,
Is he happy? Has he fear?
What do feel his near and dear?
All are happy. All are well.
Whom God makes to feel well.
Everything is the creation of Him.
He can make things glow are dim.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Do We Know?

Who are we? Why are we?
Have you ever think?
Eating, drinking and enjoying,
Having no other link.
Is this goal of our life?
Think, think and think.

Friday, September 20, 2013

At The End

I'll come to you;
It is dark and dim;
There is no way to me,
To leave you and go ahead.
In your lap I'll sleep;
And sing a song;
Song of a new life;
On the lovely bed.
Will you give me;
Time to pray for you;
I am being ready;
To come in your shed.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What a great change

There is a story which is taught at intermediate classes in U.P. India. The prose book of English has a lesson named "A Girl With a Basket" written by Mr. William C. Douglas. In this writer has described that he on the journey by train from Delhi to Bareilly. This train is train that stops at every station. Writer comes down on the platforms and talks to people to feel the pulse of nation.
At one station some refugee children gathered around him who were selling baskets and fans. Writer bought some baskets and fans he had no space and to buy more of those. That girl was pleading to him to buy a basket in such a manner that he gave her 15 cents (near 0.75 Rs.) as charity. This was big amount at that time. But writer felt guilty when she refused to take money with all her pride and graciousness. Though that girl was poor and illiterate but taught a lesson of self-respect to him.
I am very excited at reading this story but I am very much disappointed when I compare that  girl with today's Indians. Now a days people are lazy and corrupt. They want more and more money without caring by which means it comes or by which way it comes. By begging, stealing, robbing, taking bribe or any other fowl way they are ready to sell their soul. If you are a gentleman far from dishonesty and deceiving others you can be supposed fool.
All parties of trying to make people depend upon charity and subsidies. In the greed of votes parties declare more and more bribes for people to take their votes. Saries, mobiles, laptops, subsidies for pilgrimage, unemployment allowance, food, scholarship and fee reimbursement
are many schemes which are making men lazy and dishonest. Although many of these schemes are necessary for uplifting the people's living standard but due to want of a good machinery they are harmful for the future of Indian society.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Is Asharam Bapu a rapist

Today Asharam Bapu is in the jail but why? He has been charged of a rape with an under aged girl. Asharam is saying that he has been the prey of conspiracy. I do not know who is right. Asharam Bapu can be a rapist or not but I know one thing certainly that he if he has been a political leader he should have not been sent in the jail in so hurry. Because our legal institutions are very lazy and I feel that they play on the eye brow's indication of party which is in governance. I think that if Asharam Bapu has not spoken against Sonia and Rahul Asharam Bapu has not been charged of this rape. If he has been charged he would not have been put in jail but in hospital. I am not protecting Asharam Bapu. If he had done something wrong he should be punished immediately. I am demanding only that this hastening should be shown in the matters of leaders too.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Lips wring the heart.
Lips like a magnet have a power,
To generate the current for kiss.
Lips can put on the fire for lust.
Lips can make a person to trust.