Saturday, April 04, 2015

Have to be

Can you feel what happenes when a bud changes in a flower.
What a joy rain as a shower.
It opens its petals in so innocent way,
As a drunken girl waves in her way.
As an eye full of drowsiness,
You can not close it with stress.
Come, kiss and praise its beauty,
Saving its charm is your duty.
Nature is yours and you have to be.
©Vimal Kumar Shukla'Vimal'

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Can we digest?


Can we digest?

We eat daily, something or the other.

Hard or delicate, small or bigger.

It can be delicious or not.

It can be cold or hot.

We like it or dislike.

But we have to feed to make us alive.

Everything we eat, we digest.

But are there men?

Who can digest money,

Who can digest power,

Who can digest praise,

Who can digest the proud of beauty.

We can count on fingers, the men with such digestive stomach.

If we digest all these we will never fall ill.