Friday, September 21, 2012

Everything is available

Every Lock has its key and you only need to find it. Many of us do not dare to find that. They find nothing in this word. Hindi poet Tulsidas has written in Ramcharitamanas “Sakal padarath haim jag mahi , karam hin nar pavat naahi.” That means that everything is available in this word but who do not work cannot find. Think what you have decided.

There were two men lying under a tree. One of them said friend you are very lazy. See this fruit is lying on my chest and you are not put it into my mouth. The other said that you are so lazy than me. See that dog dropped urine into my mouth and you could not say only 'dhatt' to him so that he would run.

This story is not only a story but there are many of us like those two. Think if you come in that category this is very bad.

You a ghost

Why do you want to meet a ghost?
You are not less than that.
Not only you but your remembrance haunt.
How can I get rid of I don’t know.
What were those lovely days?
Since I met you memory says.
You beauty treasure full of sweetness,
You have tied my heart with unseen string.
I was not in hurry to leave you.
But now you cheat able to hate.
Don’t come in my mind.
Feelings make me too blind.
To recognize good or evil,
God has been turned in devil.