Who is absent-minded?
Once upon a time Narad Muni went Lord Vishnu. He prayed Lord well and flattered him as much as he could. Vishnu knew that Narad wanted something from him, so he tried to please him. He knew that Narad never comes to meet him without any purpose, so he said, “Keep quiet! Don’t make nonsense. Come to the point.” Narad Muni asked, “O My Lord, today I want nothing from you. Please convey me the meaning of absent-minded. Lord Vishnu at once shocked at it and got headache about what Narad Muni had asked. He said to Narad Muni, “Please ask me any another question, it is very difficult to define absent-minded. But Narad was unmoved on his question. Lord Vishnu was puzzled on it.
After a lot of thinking Lord got an idea, he requested to Narad Muni to go to Vimal Kumar Shukla because he is an absent-minded. He can solve the problem.
Narad Muni at once came on the earth after saying good bye to Lord Vishnu. He met directly me and asked, “Hay man, who is absent-minded? I answered, “You, Narad Muni. You are absent-minded.” Narad Muni became angry at this, “What nonsense, I am absent-minded?”
I said, “Yes you don’t know how to behave a gentle man. Narad Muni was much and much angry at this but because of his necessity he pretended to become cool down and asked, “Please say me how to ask.” I said, “Dear Narad, you should ask like a good boy saying respected teacher, I am your student. Please give me meaning of absent-minded.
Narad Muni asked with great hesitation in same way as I had said to do him.
Then I put my palm on the table and said to him to strike with a fast fist on my palm. Narad Muni did the same and I removed my palm from the table. Narad’s hand his fist hit on the table and became injured. There was an unlimited redness on the face of Narad Muni and said’ “why have you removed your hand? I answered because I was absent-minded. Were you not absent-minded? Narad Muni thought and thanked me after knowing the meaning of absent-minded