Friday, December 14, 2012

The Calendar

There is a new page every morn,
In the calendar fixed on the wall.
The time spent on a day before,
Will that ever meet you again?
What regret you have for lost.
There is a chance to fill the page.
To have care is a rare thing,
But it is need of a gentle man.
If he wants to live not in vain,
He should try to gain and gain.

Friday, November 30, 2012

God and demon

Hindi is my mother language, so I write to express myself in Hindi. But English language is popular all over the world now days so I am trying to write in English too. I don’t care that I am writing good or bad. I don’t have sufficient knowledge of English too. I don’t worry what people would say after reading me. I am writing because I think I like it.
One should do whatever he likes but the people affected by his likes also should like, otherwise there will be no good result of the work. Everyone wants to live happy but everyone should try to make happy others too. Only demon can live gladly when his neighbours are in pain or trouble. Every religion supports this very idea that God (Khuda, Bhagwaan whatever you can say) has made this universe and man is the most beautiful creation of Him. So if a man does not works manly way he insults Him(Great Father) and this is very bad.
There are some people scattered in all over the world. They are murdering and terrorizing people by saying that they are working for God and his principle. Which type of his God is? Does He like murders of children and women and other innocent persons? Is He given those terrorists the right of justifying what is right and wrong?
No, He has not given them any right of this type, nor He allowed them to increase terror. In reality they are not religious persons. They are those who came on the earth inspired by demon. The demon not only inspired them but also make a permanent room in their hearts and leading them to astray. No one knows where they will stop. But one day will come when they will feel there guilt. Then it would be very late. It is said in Hindi, “Ab pachhtaye hot kya jab chidiya chug gayi khet.” In other worlds, “What is the result of weeping when birds have eaten up the fields?” Who believe in God they never hold weapons in their hands. They are blind and do not know the difference between God and demon.

Mangoes from acacia

God pays with compound interest,
For that you put in your account.
All the work done by you is in deposit,
Happiness and sorrow is withdrawn amount.
Whatever you like to take,
Learn first to give it.
None can receive mangoes from acacia,
To milk a wooden cow is not fit.
Who like both sunrise and sunset,
All are alike for them flower and thorn.
Cold and summer, gloom and light,
They don’t worry evening or morn.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


When light passes through a medium it changes its colour according to medium’s colour. A red flower which is being seen through green glass seems to be black and when it is being seen through yellow glass it seems to be pink or orange. This fact can be seen not only in the field of physics but also in the field of human behavior too. Explanations of different books, poems and moral sayings are always given by people according to their attitude. Especially religious books are generally interpreted by people and groups according their prejudice. An indifferent observation is very difficult.