Friday, January 13, 2012

Where the ant is.

Once somewhere a fight had been arranged between an ant and an elephant. Both came seriously in the ring at fixed time. Before the fight had begun the elephant asked for spectacles. The referee asked why he wanted it. The elephant answered, “I want to see where the ant is.”

Cover Well

Now a days at the order of election commission idols of elephants, Kashiram and Mayavati etc. are being covered in Lucknow. I am requesting election commission to cover them well otherwise they can come to press the voters on the roads. They can also impress voters by their different activities after going in different parts of Utter Pradesh. What a thought has election commission! Have a clap for it. But there is a question that these idols are stable in a very few places but what is about other things like hands, cycles and lotuses. What is about elephants in pictures of different books calendars etc. I think election commission has done it to give profit to B.S.P. By this people can feel that election commission is doing an injustice with B.S.P. And they can sympathy vote to B.S.P.
Second by the act of covering the elephants Election commission has given an extra propaganda in the favour of B.S.P.
I suggest election commission to read Kabir’s lines ‘ Ati ka bhala na barasnaa, ati ki bhali na dhoop. Ati ka bhalaa na bolnaa, ati ki bhali na choop. It means that neither much rain is good nor much drought. And neither much speaking is good nor much silent. So election commission should be active but not much active.

Cold Season

Sun is shivering air is cold
Are the hot things now clean- bold?
An old man is sitting in the quilt,
Animals in the sheds feel guilt.
Bones are playing music hard,
Not only outward suffering inward.
shivering sun

Monday, January 09, 2012

How To Prove

Once there were some camels standing on a square. They saw some dogs running. The camels stopped them and asked why they were running. The Dogs answered that the Indian Police was after them to catch and began to run again. After some time the camels also ran in the direction of dogs and very soon they crossed the dogs. The dogs asked them, “Indian Police is after us not after you then why you are running.”
The camels said, “Dear! This is Indian Police. It can catch us then how we would prove that we are camels not dogs.”