Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Festival - The Holi

Winter has gone spring is playing.
Be happy be merry, nature is saying.
Earth has worn new green clothes,
Full a many flowers all the branches.
Trees have gotten newly leaves,
Cuckoo is singing without grieves.
Heart of all from children to olds,
Men or women have become bold,
Joking each other have no hesitation,
This is the years' the best session.
All around the happiness is blowing,
In everyone a loving nature is glowing.
The Holi is near and people are jolly,
Preparing themselves without folly.
Grains are waving there heads in the joy,
Today is happy each girl and boy.
Young or old all are playing colours,
Giving each one respect to other.
Serving each others lovely sweets,
Meeting with hearts making jokes and tweets,
Burning all their evils in the fire of Holi,
Say each other happy 'A Happy Holi'

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Had our forefathers ever thought,
When they were hanging on branches.
A monkey can be change in a man.
They had neither light nor road,
They could not go far and abroad,
They had love for each other and this world.
They had no money to buy good things,
They had not flown with the ambitious wings,
They were kind for each other and this world.
They didn’t know so many languages,
Had not means to communicate,
Condemnations and praises.
They know well to be happy and make this world.